#StartupAnambra2.0 Pre-Conference [Onitsha Edition]

#StartupAnambra2.0 Conference is an Annual community event geared towards creating an enabling environment for Innovative Young people in, from, within and outside Anambra state to Learn, Connect, Network, Access opportunities and Excel. It also gives them the ability and the right platform to showcase their brand and connect with potential investors. The Theme of this […]

As Startup Anambra Hosts the Largest Tech Conference/Event in South-East/South-South | Why you should Attend

If you want to change the world, conferences, Meetups and Networking Conferences and event will be part of your journey. On Saturday, the 10th of November 2018, Startup Anambra will be Hosting the Biggest/Largest technology/Startup Conference in South-East/South-South Nigeria. The event scheduled to take place in the capital city of Anambra is targeted to host […]

Steps To Starting a Successful Business

Starting a business can be scary. For some entrepreneurs, it can be really overwhelming when you think about the number of things that have to be accomplished. It’s important that you break the process down into steps so you approach it in smaller chunks rather than all at once. That way, you can enjoy small […]

The Speech That Inspired Hundreds of Anambra Startup Founders – Anambra Startup Masterclass

Yesterday, the 16th day of June 2018, The best of the brains from South-Eastern part of Nigeria gathered at DevAmplify Hub, Awka for the Anambra Startup Masterclass. Recall that the event which is a One day FREE masterclass for Emerging Entrepreneurs from south-east was focused on Training young people from the zone on entrepreneurship and […]

StartupAnambra Latest Announcements! In the Spirit of Easter!

Just as the hopeful gathered along the dusty road to watch Jesus enter Jerusalem, Today we will wave palms, our hands and shout, “Hosannah!” and worship in the Risen Jesus! We will celebrate the bright victory of God’s love over darkness, even death. In the spirit of the celebration, we are happy to make some […]

What are some formal business idea evaluation tools and methods?

Idea evaluation is such a vast field that the tools and methods needed to do the job vary heavily depending on the case in question. In many cases, this work begins already before you actually come up with the idea in terms of familiarizing yourself with the problem you’d like to solve, as well as […]

What is the best way to evaluate business ideas?

The bottom line is that even though evaluating business ideas is a great thing to do, it’s just a part of the larger process of validating and building the business. Since this question is classified under Entrepreneurship, I would assume that you’re looking to create a new business from scratch, and not to create a […]

How much equity do you give to extremely early employees?

There’s a very simple way to look at equity round by round. Imagine there’s you and your clone. Your clone has the exact same set of skills you do. The only difference between you and your clone is you joined your company one year earlier. You should be rewarded for the risk you took by […]