Lessons Every Entrepreneur Has to Learn the Hard Way

Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone. But the ones that succeed learn these invaluable lessons. When you set out to become an entrepreneur, nobody can prepare you for what you’re about to experience. Building a business takes practice, patience, persistence, and a whole lot more, many of which you can’t learn until you’re standing in the fire. As a successful […]

What is the best way to Mentally prepare to become an Entrepreneur?

Let’s face the truth. Not everybody is born with the traits required to become a successful entrepreneur. It’s not an easy road and you need a certain set of skills to navigate this rocky path. But the good news is that this skills can be trained and built up over time if you put in […]

Is there a way to develop an entrepreneurs mindset?

Watch and learn from this 5 year old Kung Fu Master! He’s also a viral phenomenon on YouTube also known as the “Tiny Bruce Lee.” How did he develop those moves, mindset and abilities? To answer your question: Next time you’re buying something; for example candy — ask yourself: “How could I sell this candy?” “How could […]