Mart.NG – Grocery/Food Delivery

Mart.NG, operated by Mart Technologies Limited (RC: 1474753), is an online supermarket and grocery/food delivery service. The company delivers in 59 minutes, fresh fruits, vegetables, hot foods, household items, toiletries, drinks, beverages, health & beauty products, food cupboard, babies & child care products, office supplies and lots more.

The company believes in high quality and exceptional customer service, and most importantly, Mart.NG believes shopping is a right, not a luxury, so the company strive to deliver the best products at the most affordable prices, and ship them to the customers regardless of the time of the day. Mart.NG offer consumers the best prices that they can’t get anywhere else because the company source directly from the producers most times.

On supermarket goods, Mart.NG collaborate with most offline supermarkets and restaurants (H-Medix, AYA Amala, Tantalizer, Sahad Stores, EvePhill etc) in Abuja, enlisting their products on their platform, such that, when a consumer places an order with them, the company’s well-trained shoppers close to the customers’ location will be notified of the order, then he/she will visit the closest offline supermarket, local market or restaurant to shop for the goods and deliver straight to the customer’s doorstep.

Some orders are not allowed to be delivered by the Mart.NG shoppers directly, but by the company’s in-house despatch rider, so as to ensure the quality of the goods.

Abuja as the capital city of Nigeria has many urban areas in it with very busy inhabitants. These urban areas following the report from our study have few or no offline/physical supermarkets and restaurants to cater to their grocery and food need. Take for instance, when we were serving customers offline in early 2018, a customer placed a call to us as early as 6:00 am, requesting 4 litres of an already made hot Egwusi Soup to be delivered in the next 1 hour.

How did we do this? Of course, the customer paid ahead including the cost of the soup and our service/delivery charge. We contacted two of our partnered chefs to confirm the availability, and yes, it was available.

What next? We gladly went ahead to deliver the soup and we did it in less than an hour, really. We felt and still feel that this market (grocery & food delivery in a record time) is still untapped with many busy mothers, homemakers and even bachelors, and so we are out to tap it.

  • Founder(s)Frank Umeadi
  • MarketsEcommerce, Grocery, Food & Delivery Technology
  • Founded onMay 2018
  • Contact08066017971
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  • Contact AddressBB03 Hillside Plaza, Yakubu Gowon Crescent, AYA, Asokoro, Abuja
  • Startup PitchIn a world bare to inestimable choices, consumers want simple, personal and convenient ways to experience great products & services before they decide to buy them. It is noteworthy that Mart.NG delivers this experience in a record time of 59 minutes. In November 2017, Mart.NG started offline as a small business in Abuja, Nigeria. The company served hundreds of customers offline, taking orders via phone and WhatsApp as the company moved from house to house marketing its services. "In February 2018, we noticed that more busy and rich residents of Abuja were requesting our services, so we registered our company, Mart Technologies Limited (RC: 1474753) and launched our online grocery store, later in May 2018 to serve them better."
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