Anambra Startup School

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Anambra Startup School.

An integrated programme for emerging Entrepreneurs

What is Anambra Startup School?

Anambra Startup School is an initiative to support and encourage the Anambra Startup and entrepreneurial ecosystem. It is a 6 week offline/online entrepreneurial learning programme which contains interactive learning activities that will guide an entrepreneur from the ideation phase of their business through to startup maturity.

If an entrepreneur already has and runs an existing business, the programme will give the entrepreneur the tools to enhance their business and strengthen their entrepreneurial skills. Upon successful completion of the programme, entrepreneurs stand a chance to win funding and Investment towards their business(es).


Startup School offers you, the entrepreneur, the opportunity to expand on your business insight through a challenging and interactive 6 weeks learning journey. The course’s unique support structure of start-up coaching alongside comprehensive coursework means that you will develop and build on your entrepreneurial mind-set. Register and wait for the NEXT CO-HORT


The Startup School is committed to ensuring that business mentorship is used in a positive and impactful way. Part of the Startup School programme has and relies on a strong mentorship pillar to support and grow the entrepreneurs. Using key information from both the entrepreneur and the volunteer mentor the Startup School will ensure the best possible pairing and facilitate a successful mentor and mentee relationship.


Startup School is an initiative that along with partners, have started to support and encourage the Anambra entrepreneurial ecosystem. It is a 6 weeks intensive Online/Offline entrepreneurial learning programme which contains interactive learning activities that will guide an entrepreneur from the ideation phase of their business through to the startup Maturity.



Encourage and inspire people to consider starting a company as a way to positively impact the world.



Teach people about how to start a startup, and equip them with the resources and tools to help prepare them now and in the future.



Build a community of entrepreneurs who can encourage and teach each other.

The Mentors

Kal Chuka

CEO, Progxap

Chukwura Chuka is a full stack web developer and a tech entrepreneur who lives and does his business Awka, Anambra State. Chuka is a Prolific Developer cum IT Consultant who has lead other teams of software developers for a good number of ground breaking projects. Chuka has a passion to see the tech community in the east grow rapidly this led him to startup devamplify a co-working space and tech hub in Anambra state. Over the years, Chuka has earned himself so much Awards and recognition for contributing to the Tech community cum Open Source. Aside all these, Chuka has started, Mentored, Coached and Funded lots of successful startups.

Pascal Okeke

CEO, Bigcode

Pascal Okeke is an Avid Tech Evangelist cum business developer who loves coaching and Mentoring young software developers/Entrepreneurs. A Med School drop-out turned full Stack software developer; he is the CEO of Bigcode Nigeria Limited; Google Certified Digital Marketer, Co-Founder, Extraclass Nigeria Limited; UI/UX Designer. Mentor/Coach at #DjangoGirls Community, I live and pro'lly die by code. I oversee the code lines at Chinto Technologies Limited. He is so passionate about raising the next Army of Technology driven Entrepreneurs whose thinking caps will be harmonized to disrupt the business ecosystem.

Target Audience

If you have an entrepreneurial mind-set or running a small to medium business you can apply to be part of the programme. Applicants are expected to complete the “boot-camp” modules to ensure that you have an appreciation of the content, commitment and level of learning to successfully complete the 6 week programme. The boot-camp is the first two weeks of the course where you are critically evaluated before you can continue with the rest of the programme modules.

As the course progresses, the modules and content is designed to challenge and equip entrepreneurs with the necessary skill set to manage their business, which encompasses a wide range of business topics. Assignments and course work will require a strong level of commitment and study to ensure successful completion of the programme.



Talent management and staff development + The art of clear and constructive communication
In this week you will learn about human resources, discover when to outsource various tasks or when to hire full-time employees. You will also learn the characteristics of value-based leadership. You will also discover the importance of constructive communication, how to improve as a communicator, and the best ways to approach conflict in your business.


Intrapreneurship: Becoming indispensable + Sharing the dream: Pitching your business
You don’t need to own a business to have an entrepreneur’s mind-set. Week 5 looks at ways of progressing within organisations, working as a professional, and becoming a linchpin of an organisation. During the course you will be led on a journey to completing a business plan, business model canvas and Lean Model Canvas. In this week, you will learn presentation skills and create a presentation of your business. You will also learn about ways in which you can foster further opportunities for presenting your business.


Execution and operations + Growth strategies: Where to next?
This week covers a broad-based look operations management as applied to different sector scenarios and will teach you to develop an execution framework based on your business. In week 6 you will learn about a variety of tested growth strategies and how to discern when your business is ready to scale or expand into new markets.


The Anambra Startup School’s design is to ensure startups/entrepreneurs not only have the theoretical and practical learning, but the coaching and mentoring support to supplement and ensure the learning, growth, application and success of the business is realized.


Anambra Startup School aims to provide entrepreneurs with a holistic and meaningful learning, coaching and mentorship programme to better capacitate and enable their business. To aid the realisation of a strongly presented business and business plan, upon successful completion of the StartUp School programme, entrepreneurs will be exposed to funding and Investment opportunities.


To ensure value, sustainability and cross-subsidisation of the programme there is a registration fee of N5000.