Inline with the vision of building a community of creatives in Anambra State, Startup Anambra is so concerned about the younger generation.

Our mandate is to reverse the staggering statistics that plague today’s embattled young people by promoting standards of excellence that will change the social stigma of “at risk young person” to “at promise young person”.

With the proliferation of youth gang violence, teen drug use, sexual behavior, internet addiction, and other negative societal ills, we are driven to provide program alternatives designed to combat these social problems that often promote and produce failure in the lives of these children as well as also encouraging talents and innovations.


The programs are grouped into Mentorships, Pieces of training, and Incubation.

Through our mentoring, training and skill acquisition programs, our mission is to build and equip the younger generation into a new generation of tomorrow’s leaders. With a strong emphasis on personal growth and development, Catch Them Young instills the proper morals, values, conduct, and attitudes that promote high self-esteem, self-awareness, self-love, and self-respect.

The Mentoring Program uses individuals among their peers as well as people who have passed through their stage with loads of experiences who are also gifted and talented to inspire each other to excel and raise the bar toward becoming the very best they can be.

The skill acquisition programs allow the participants to learn skills that will enable them to become entrepreneurs right from their classroom. this ranges from technical skills to market demand skills such as beads-making, soap making etc

Through the catch them young school Club, students are exposed to leadership and career opportunities as well as have the opportunity to connect with other champions across the world.


Our Incubation and talent discovery programs allow us to discover, connect and train young persons who are talented to innovatively solve our societal problems through technology. They are equipped with Technological Skills, they are also guided until they birth their innovations and become a globally accepted brand.

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Startup Anambra Catch Them Young program is partnered with a network of schools, community organizations, services, local churches, community leaders, and other faith-based programs.

Catch Them Young, is committed to the challenge of combating the negative plight that continues to hinder the growth and development of this generation and generations to come.

Connect with Us today and recommend a school, church, community cum circles.

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