Frequently Asked Questions

Startup Anambra is a Non-profit, Non-governmental community of Creative Young people passionate about disrupting the global Business Ecosystem with Innovations, Models, Technologies and ideas.

Startup Anambra accommodates Startup Founders/Co-Founders, Innovative Business Owners, Developers, Investors as well as Enthusiasts who are focused on building an Innovative Business ecosystem in Anambra State and beyond.

StartupAnambra is on a Journey towards building a sustainable Anambra Business Ecosystem, unlocking opportunities, providing mentorships to Startups, Creating and connecting the to opportunities as well as allowing them leverage on the startupanambra network to access bigger opportunities/excel.

For the past one year, the startup Anambra Team is focused on Orientating and Reorientating the members as well as the general public to embrace entrepreneurship and digital/Technology skill acquisition as a viable tool for socio-economic development and so far, our people are as receptive as they can as the community kept growing both in number and exploits.

Startup Anambra has also over the time created other programs to enable her penetrate clusters, increase the members engagement and achieve the set goals. some of the programs are:

1. Emerging Entrepreneurs Hangout/Meetup: This is a one day meetup/program where the best brains in the startup ecosystem connects with experts and learn some skills needed to move them to the next level as well as learn the art of pitching their businesses/accessing funding for their startups.

2. Campus Connect: Campus-Connect is a tertiary institutions Outreach campaign Geared towards taking The message of entrepreneurship to Universities, Campuses, Colleges, Vocational Institutes etc with the sole aim of raising an army of creatives who will continue to break the barriers of entrepreneurship even right from their hostel rooms.(Read More:

3. Catch them Young (CATCHY): Inline with the vision of building a community of creatives in Anambra State, We shifted our lenses to the secondary and primary schools where our major target is to Catch Them Young. Through the programme, we are committed to the challenge of combating the negative plight that continues to hinder the growth and development of this generation and generations to come through career mentorship, Business Mentorship etc. The Mentoring Program uses individuals among their peers who are gifted and talented to inspire each other to excel and raise the bar toward becoming the very best they can be.(Read More:

4. Virtual Learning: Every wednesday, etween 07pm through 08:30pm, we bring in the very best from a particular field/sector to mentor and discuss a particular topic accross all our whatsapp groups. This has enabled us reach out to entrepreneurs who are not within reach to inspire and touch some areas we couldn’t have ordinarily reached. (Volunteer to discuss a Topic Here:

5. Dialogue Session: StartupAnambra Dialogue is a one-on-one interview sessions with industry stakeholders, experts, Business moguls who have grown their businesses over the years as well as emerging entrepreneurs who are growing their startups. In this program, we bring you educative, inspiring and motivating interviews/discussions from these champions. This content will roll out in video, audio, article format. though it has no special day or time which these content reaches you. (Read Here:

6. Anambra Startup School: Anambra Startup School is an initiative to support and encourage the Anambra Startup and entrepreneurial ecosystem. It is a 6 week offline/online entrepreneurial learning programme which contains interactive learning activities that will guide an entrepreneur from the ideation phase of their business through to startup maturity. If an entrepreneur already has and runs an existing business, the programme will give the entrepreneur the tools to enhance their business and strengthen their entrepreneurial skills. (Read More here:

On the 9th day of December 2017, we had the maiden edition of our Annual event at De Geogold hotels Awka and in Attendance was about four hundred and fifty (450) young people who are passionate about rewriting their stories. 2018 has so far been very friendly as well as event driven as we have hosted more than twelve (12) meetups, events, Masterclasses, Mini-confrence, Hangouts etc as well as have also grown both in number and resources. We have also partnered with Notable Organisations as well as have pending partnership proposals that will engineer bringing out the best out of Ndi Anambra and the inhabitants.

One of the Major goal of StartupAnambra is to awaken the consciousness of the younger generations within the State and beyond to appreciate and be part of today’s language of Technology/Digital skill acquisition and Entrepreneurship as well as help engineer the process of building a formidable global Entrepreneurial community in the State.

You can also join the team to contribute your own little quota in making our community, better, focused and result oriented. Just Visit