Let's Join hands and Catch them Young

We are passionate about raising the next Army of Smart Entrepreneurs and we wish to start when they are young. StartupAnambra Catch them Young Program is a One-day event that will be held in secondary schools where Anambra Young Entrepreneurs will connect with the younger generations who are still in secondary school and share their experiences with them as well as see what our younger ones are thinking about and help them nurture their goals.

This program will be held in secondary schools on Thursdays or Fridays only.

Inline with the vision of building a community of creatives in Anambra State, we are also focusing on the younger generation.

All you need to do is to recommend a school as well as the contact person. we will connect with them and visit their school in a bid to raise consciousness amongst the younger generation.


Mirabel Eburuike


Mirabel Eburuike, a graduate of English and literary studies, University of Nigeria. Former state coordinator of National Association of Students of English and Literary studies (NASELS). I'm a speech therapist. An Educationist with a strong love for children and teaching. I have wide experience in Teaching and Mentorship. I basically love to do things myself so that has helped me to develop myself in many ways. I'm a graphic designer, a writer, an author, a publisher, an editor and a social media advert manager. But I love mostly to be called a teacher, thats because I love teaching. At my leisure, I love baking, singing, cooking and off cos reading.

Anidobe Ozioma Marvis


Anidobe Ozioma Marvis is a passionate teacher, writer, educationist and public speaker. She is a graduate of the department of English and Literary Studies and takes delight in reading writing, impact projects and so on. She lives in Nsugbe Onitsha.

Anyaegbunam Andra A.


Anyaegbunam Andra Adaeze, a graduate of English and Literary studies, University of Nigeria Nssuka. I'm a health expert I love seeing people healthy and strong most especially kids ,a motivator and a counsellor. At my leisure I love watching movies,reading motivational words,watching motivational videos.

Onyinyechi Nmecha


Nnagbo Deborah U.


Nnagbo Deborah Udochukwu, is a lover of literary works and music. She has unquenchable passion for impacting on young breeds,she is presently the director of academics at Nasels Nocen. And for the joy of being a teacher, She stands for excellence.

Okoli Gift Chinyere


Okoli Gift Chinyere is a graduate of English and literary studies. She's passionate about youth most especially young girls. She likes bringing to their remembrance that what they can offer this world is beyond their "makeup" She's presently holding the office of a youth president and music director

Onyekwere Nmesoma P.


ONYEKWERE NMESOMA PEACE is a student of NOCEN. She holds the office of a librarian in the department of English and literary studies. She loves making positive impact and leaving positive effect in the life of people.

Our Mandate

Our mandate is to reverse the staggering statistics that plague todays’ embattled young people by promoting standards of excellence that will change the social stigma of “at risk young person” to “at promise young person”.

With the proliferation of youth gang violence, teen drug use, sexual behavior, internet addiction and other negative societal ills, we are driven to provide youth program alternatives designed to combat these social problems that often promote and produce failure in the lives of these children.

Through our mentoring, training and skill acquisition programs, our mission is to build and equip our young people into a new generation of tomorrow’s leaders. With a strong emphasis on personal growth and development, Catch Them young instills the proper morals, values, conduct and attitudes that promote high self-esteem, self-awareness, self-love and self-respect.

We have designed our Meetups and workshops such as; Proper Etiquette &  diction, Purpose and Choices to enhance self-image while producing positive change and character building.

The Mentoring Program uses individuals among their peers as well as people who have passed these stage with loads of experiences who are also gifted and talented to inspire each other to excel and raise the bar toward becoming the very best they can be.

Lastly Startup Anambra Catch Them Young program is partnered with a network of schools, community organizations, services, local churches, community leaders, and other faith based programs.

Catch Them Young, is committed to the challenge of combating the negative plight that continues to hinder the growth and development of this generation and generations to come.