The Startup School Mentors

The Anambra Startup School is committed to ensuring that business mentorship is used in a positive and impactful way. Part of the Startup School programme has and relies on a strong mentorship pillar to support and grow the entrepreneurs. Using key information from both the entrepreneur and the volunteer mentor the Startup School will ensure the best possible channel to facilitate a successful mentor and mentee relationship.

The programme is supported by the Startup School coaches who will have a working relationship with each of the entrepreneurs throughout the process. During the course, the entrepreneurs will go through a process of signing up on the platform as well as choosing a special area of focus, in which they will articulate their primary business interests as well as their expectations of a mentorship relationship. A mentor, each will be in charge of the weeks Online training as well as appear present on the saturday of that particular week to meet with the mentees offline as well as structure and access them.

The Startup School coach will use their own gathered knowledge of the entrepreneur, the entrepreneur’s application, as well as the mentor’s profile to structure  the weekly program and how it can be ran. The board of mentors will review every application and have the final say as to whether the the entrepreneur will be selected or not.

Why be a Startup School Mentor?

Pay-it-forward by passing your knowledge and experience over to start-up entrepreneurs.

Contribute in a real and tangible way to unlock the potential that South African entrepreneurs have to offer.

An opportunity to contribute in leading positive change towards growing the South African and African economy.

An opportunity to potentially invest in high potential entrepreneurs and businesses.

Networking with the best of SA’s busines s minds who will also be mentoring and are part of the programme.

You will be able to manage your mentorship timelines and commitments with your respective entrepreneurs to ensure that value is realised for you and the entrepreneur.

Mentor commitment Journey

Each Mentor will have One hour of your time each day for 1 week via Whatsapp.

Weekend Meetings could be done in person or remotely via Skype or Google Hangouts.

The Startup School defines a mentor as a person who:

Gives business advice and expert recommendations on a regular basis.

Brings personal experience to the mentorship programme.

May choose to use their contacts and networks to help the mentees.

Is unpaid and willingly volunteers an agreed amount of time (1 hour a day for 1 week) to the mentorship programme.

Shares the Startup School’s vision and its success as a programme.

Mentor with Startup School

Becoming a mentor with Startup School is simple, in three easy steps you could be chosen as a mentor to some of the most promising South African entrepreneurs. It is easy to get involved and the opportunity to have a profound impact on these entrepreneurs and their businesses is enormous. We sincerely hope you will take the step towards signing up to become a mentor with us.

Sign Up

Sign up and let us know what industry you are a specialist in.


The Startup School will help pair you with the right entrepreneur. You will have the final say in who you would like to mentor.


The Startup School will help pair you with the right entrepreneur. You will have the final say in who you would like to mentor.